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View theClasses & Prizes list that also outlines driver entry fees, or 'FAQ' for general information.

All drivers must sign waivers, agree to and abide by the rules.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  No refunds for disqualifications.
***We’ve almost never had issues, so let’s keep it that way!***

  • The Grandview Kinsmen Mud Bog is not part of any official circuit or professional association. This is a private initiative by the Kinsmen of Grandview in partnership with Grandview Municipality and Grandview and District Recreation Commission.
  • All PUBLIC access to Wilson Park (the festival grounds) will be through the northern Kitchen Gate or the southern Museum Gate. Note that from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, August 12, public access via the Museum Gate will be restricted to allow passage for driver participants.
  • Driver check-in/staging for prepaid entries and on site (day of) driver registration entries (if available) is 10:00am to 12:00pm through the Drivers’ Entrance to Wilson Park at Railway Avenue North and Mill Street.  There will be a check-in table and inspectors setup upon your arrival.
    ***If you’re a driver planning to register on site (day of) please be sure to verify on the website that your class is available 24 hours before the festival. In order to get through all classes within the 12pm-5pm Mud Bog Main Event schedule, there are MAX CAPACITY of entries set for each class.
    ***Cash payments are requested for on-site registration. Online pre-registration requires credit card.
  • Drivers and one additional ‘pit crew member’ will receive a “Driver’s Pass” if they do not already hold a Saturday, Weekend, or VIP pass to Wilson Park. This will allow them access ONLY to the driver’s staging areas and Mud Bog pit as part of the competition.  In order to access food and other festival services or entertainment, they will be required to purchase a day pass at one of the public gates.  The Driver+1 pass is available for each category entry, keeping in mind that all Driver’s Pass holders must remain in the designated staging areas and must depart the festival grounds at the conclusion of their events.
  • Drivers will be able to stage outside the park and in the museum area as directed by the inspectors and pit crew. Please don’t show up at 12:00pm, since it makes for a traffic mess and delays the event.  We respectfully ask that drivers keep in mind that you’re also part of ‘the show’ and are a representative part of our entertainment.  Spectators spend a long day in the sun with a full line up of runs/classes to get through – ideally on schedule.  Please help us to keep the show moving forward and give yourself ample time to check-in and stage for your run(s).
  • There will be vehicle inspections for all classes.  Inspections can be appealed to pit boss, but his decision is FINAL. Any missed items in the rules will be up to the inspector or pit boss.
  • REMINDER: No outside alcohol allowed in the event, including in the interior staging areas.  Security will be removing any alcohol found in the vehicles at registration as required by LGCA regulations.  You have received notice.
  • Only one entry per vehicle per class, but you can have a different driver for each of the two runs if both sign waivers.  
  • Drivers must be 16+ and wear helmets and seat belts.  No passengers – this is a safety consideration and is required for our insurance.  Parent/guardian of drivers aged 16 and 17 must also sign waiver.
  • Vehicles may be entered into multiple classes if they change tires, etc. (“classing-up,”  entry fee must be paid of each class), however if we end up with too many vehicles, the pit boss may limit each vehicle to a single class of the driver’s choice.
  • Vehicles must have a mounting point for clevis to be towed back out from the pit if you do not make it through.  If you get stuck, you will have an allotted time to get unstuck.  Once horn blows or you are waived off, SHUT YOUR ENGINE DOWN and the pit crew will hook up and pull you out.  Don’t ruin the pit for other drivers (or your next run for that matter)!

***Failure to shut off your engine or attempting to back out once the horn blows is a massive safety hazard for our pit team and is grounds for immediate removal from the competition without refund.***

  • Competition runs only, no free running.  No additional classes (Powderpuff, Kids’ quads, etc.), just what is listed on the Classes & Prizes page. We are open to input for future events – please e-mail us your ideas.
  • All vehicles must be safe to run through the pit!
  • Prizes will be paid via cheque at the end of each category. Winners will be announced and are to meet at the timer desk.  Please inspect the cheques for proper spelling, category information, etc. as no others will be assigned.
  • Drivers agree to having their names and photographs published.